Northbridge - Week of June 14-20, 254AN

June 14

Chaos in Kings’ Market

Chaos broke out in the Kings’ Market today when several citizens of Northbridge were assaulted by gnomish mechanical devices. The devices, familiar to regular visitors to the markets in Northbridge, seem to have malfunctioned and began randomly attaching themselves to several citizens, for no apparent reason, immobilizing them until crowds were able to destroy the devices and free the victims. Several gnomes, half-orcs and humans were immobilized as were multiple pigeons and rats. Representatives of the Artificers’ Guild were summoned to court to answer for the behaviour of the devices, and the remains of the offending devices were eventually released by the Day Watch and removed to the Artificers’ Guild for further investigation.

June 15

Incident at Elven Enclave

Several hooligans were driven off after attempting to set fire to the (newly grown) thorn barrier around the Elven Enclave. Avery troops patrolling the enclave’s perimeter interrupted the thugs, driving them off into the pre-dawn darkness before returning to extinguish the blaze. Lieutenant Charles Whiting was in charge of the squad that engaged the criminals, and is credited with quick thinking for his solution to the blaze. (When confronted with the blaze, he ordered his men to seize the horse trough outside of the Block and Pillory pub nearby and use the water therein to extinguish the blaze.)

Assault in Gnomish Quarter

A gnome was found, tied and beaten, in the fountain outside the Northbridge Gnomish Artificers guildhall in the morning of the 14th. The victim was healed by local clerics, but is refusing to cooperate with investigators. When asked about it, the Day Watch said that the victim seemed to know who had assaulted him, and that he was going to “clean their clocks for them”

Talaria, Stevie and Cam Go Camping

The three stalwart members of the ReNegotiators were seen leaving the city via the Kings Gate, equipped for a several day journey.

When asked their destination, Cam replied “None of your damned business.”

Afterwards, Talaria indicated that the group was investigating reports of strange happenings in the woods to the south of the city, and Stevie offered to sell us some wind up toys.

Council in marathon meeting.

City council met for a marathon 12 hour meeting where the recent behaviour of Mayor Harris was debated. Although he was barred from the council chambers, Mayor Harris managed to get his voice heard nonetheless. He was forcibly ejected from the keep after he had to be restrained from entering the chambers by guards.

Contacted after the results of the voting were released, Mayor Harris was defiant, claiming that he is the legitimate authority, and his ouster was orchestrated by those in the nobility determined to interfere with the running of civil society. He called upon his supporters to rally with him in the public square out front of the keep.

When last seen, Mayor Harris was being accompanied by several guardsmen and representatives of the Merchant’s Guild.

Another Temple Desecrated

The Temple of Wee Jas is invaded overnight, and desecrated. In particular, several holy symbols were destroyed and the parts were distributed about the premises. In addition, a substantial amount of scrolls and ledgers were strewn about, and apparently, someone attempted to set fire to them. Fortunately, the intruders were interrupted by an acolyte who came to investigate the noise.

June 16

New Mayor?

City council has announced that the position of Mayor will be filled by Councillor Andrew Turnbull. Regency spokesman Baron Hearthglow was effusive in his praise for Councillor Turnbull, calling him “the hardest working councillor in the city”. Observers noted that the new mayor had a favourable reputation as a coalition builder in contrast with Mayor Harris.

“We expect him to build consensus around issues and to have fewer problems with both the Merchants’ and Teamsters Guilds.”

Ecclesiastical Council Petitions Court

Fresh on the heels of another desecration, clerics of all the major temples in Northbridge met in council today. The meeting was filled with arguments, accusations and recriminations. The representatives from the Temple of St. Cuthbert proposed a vigorous punishment to be imposed on future transgressors, while the representatives from the Temple of Wee Jas pointed out that the proposed punishment was counter to the laws of Careoth and Avery. Representatives of the Temple of Pelor played peacemaker, calming the rhetoric and venom coming from the representatives of the Temples of Kord, Heironeous, and Garl Glittergold. The Temple of Fharlangn’s clerics were non-committal, not seeming to care about the ongoing crisis, while the representatives of the Temple of Hanseath provided refreshments, and interjected suggestions throughout. (To be honest, those suggestions started off constructive at the beginning of the conference, but became more and more contentious and ridiculous as the event wore on.)

The meeting concluded with a set of requests to be put forth to the Regent, and ended with a minimum of bloodshed. Hanseath’s Clerics led the remaining attendees in a rousing chorus of “A Wink And A Nod”, and invited everyone back to their temple for drinks.

June 17

Regent To Allow Temples To “Vigorously Defend” Temples and Shrines

After much debate in council, the Regent agreed with the recommendation that each major sect having a temple in the city be allowed to deploy no more than 20 armed guards specifically for the purposes of patrolling the temples and shrines and defending them against desecration. With five separate instances of desecration occurring over a three day period, the Regent hoped that this would prevent further depredations against the peaceful religion in the city. (As an aside, he cautioned the Temple of Heironeous against “over-enthusiasm” in their defenses, and specifically reminded the temple of St. Cuthbert that all those intercepted MUST be turned over to the Watch, not dealt with directly)

June 18

Baroness Grand Forks Fete

A large gathering of nobility took place at the town-house of Baroness Grand Fork. This quickly organized event was a great success, especially since it was organized so hastily. The Baroness was radiant at the event, greeting guests from the nobility and from the merchant class by name. During the event, it was announced that she would be offering a new vintage this year – a red wine that she called “Betrayal Of Trust”. Attendees were universal in their appreciation of the new vintage, but somewhat confused when she dedicated it to the Baron Blacklance.

June 19

Half-Orc Beaten For Desecrating Shrine Of Heironeous

Several members of the Temple of Heironeous were praised for quick action today for their actions in preventing another temple desecration in the Northbridge. According to reports, the attacker entered the temple at a run, and attempted to disrupt a ceremony celebrating the victory of the forces of Heironeous over the followers of Gruumsh in 320BN.

“He came in, shouting and running, and tried to leap onto the cleric in the middle of the ceremony. It was kinda shocking, really – I mean, I knew that other temples had been attacked, but I had no idea that someone would be dumb enough to try to attack our temple.”, reported Denby Higgins, a cleric posted at the door to the temple. “When he passed me, at a dead run, I was dumbfounded. He tripped on the tile as he passed me, and that was what let the guards catch up to him. Hieroneous must have made him trip.”

The half-orc was caught half way to the altar by three temple guardsmen, who proceeded to beat him into submission. In short order, the assailant was taken away and delivered to members of the Day Watch, who incarcerated him “for his own safety”.

June 20

This was a day of tension in Northbridge. Reports have come in that all gnomish devices have been restricted to gnomish neighbourhoods, and half-orcs were seen gathering in Orctown. Foot traffic in both Kings Market and King Lawrence Market is down substantially today over last week, with several prominent merchants passing on the opportunity to open their businesses.

Northbridge - Week of June 14-20, 254AN

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